With the New Year right around the corner, actors everywhere are dreaming big and hoping that 2020 will be overflowing with artistic fulfillment. But if you’re simply resolving to “get cast more” or “get famous,” chances are you’ll be feeling a tinge of disappointment within a month or two -- try as you might, you can never control all of the variables that determine whether you book a job. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take ownership of your career! Here are three smart resolutions to help you make the most of your art in 2020:

A young man smiling and looking upward in Time Square, NYC

  1. Take notes after every audition. Write down what part you read for, what pieces you auditioned with, what you wore, and the names of the auditors; keeping track of this information will help you to avoid showing casting directors the same material twice. Also take a few minutes to jot down how you felt after the audition. What went well? What do you still need to improve? You can’t force anyone to cast you, but you CAN work on mastering the art of the audition so that you feel confident when you step into the room.

  2. Seek out new audition material. The material we choose to perform speaks loudly about who we are. Find pieces that you’re passionate about and excited to share at auditions, and ditch any pieces that don’t thrill you. Even if you already have some great audition material under your belt, it never hurts to add more. Monologues are free, so why not find as many great ones as you can?

  3. Practice your craft every day. This could mean rehearsing a monologue, practicing cold reads, or doing voice and speech exercises. Working daily on your skills will keep you sharp and help carry you through dry spells between jobs.  Find a community of other actors and creatives who share your passion, your drive, your work ethic and make a habit of seeking out new plays and screenplays together, reading Shakespeare aloud, practicing your auditions for one another before you go into the room.  No one ever did this alone. Acting is possibly the most collaborative of all the arts - so find your tribe of artistic souls and challenge one another to learn and grow every day.

Whatever you resolve, there’s no need to wait until January 1st— start making these changes today!

Written by Rachel Messbauer