At the core of this training is the belief that an actor is a professional human being.  We are therefore deeply committed to your growth both as a person and as an actor in a supportive, yet rigorous training environment. We offer several programs to help you excel as an actor and artist.

  • The Saturday Workshop online via Zoom, every weekend - for those looking for an artistic gym, where you can "work out" regularly with coaches and peers to maintain your audition, rehearsal and performance skills.
  • A Summer Intensive that varies from 1 week to 3 weeks in length and follows a Conservatory style format - for those who want an immersive experience in not only the study of acting, but also all those foundational disciplines that makeup a comprehensive acting skill set, including voice, movement, improv and Shakespeare.
  • An a sixteen month Acting Conservatory - for the most committed students seeking an MFA-style training program
  • Compassionate support staff to assist with resumes, headshots and audition prep
  • Insightful hands-on instruction and personalized coaching from Tom Todoroff himself
  • View our programs page to start planning your own personalized roadmap for success

At Tom Todoroff Studio, Tom and each member of his staff take great pride in helping actors young and old better understand the craft, while preparing them for a career that will be as rewarding as it is exciting.  For more information on studying under Tom Todoroff, visit our upcoming programs page to learn more or enroll.