New York City has long been regarded as an international leader in the theater scene. From major Broadway productions to up-and-coming plays in small theaters, NYC offers a myriad of opportunities for novice and established actors alike. Before you take on the theater scene in New York, however, it's important to understand a few basics:

Prepare for your first acting class

Auditions Are Competitive

Productions abound throughout New York, but the same can be said of the talent cast in such works. Unfortunately, the competition can be stiff, even for seemingly minor opportunities. Set aside plenty of time for open calls, which could have you waiting in shockingly long lines. Dress warm during the fall and winter months, as it's common to wait outside in the cold for hours.

Typing Is Normal — And Expected

Be prepared for typing. During this frustrating process, you may be lined up with several other talented individuals for a quick glance-over. At this point, those in charge will determine whether they need to see more from you — or if you are ready for a swift dismissal. The good news? If you're typed out, you'll be spared the agony of waiting for an opportunity that was likely never going to come about.

Opportunities Are Often Hiding in Unexpected Places

Every connection matters. You never know where the next opportunity could lie. Get involved in local clubs and other organizations — and don't forget to continue your theater training.

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