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Applications are now open for The Conservatory - our Advanced Actor Training Program! Study online OR in-person in NYC!



We are seeking passionate, curious, dedicated artists who are looking for a rigorous, immersive and comprehensive actor training program.

Make this the year you take action!

Respond to the evolving opportunities open to artists in the 21st century!

Learn to do it all.

Act. Direct. Write. Edit. Produce.

Tell stories that matter.

And did we mention the faculty?

Study with our rock star faculty of highly accomplished artists from Juilliard, Yale, NYU Tisch and/or who are currently working professionally in film, TV and on Broadway.  They bring an unparalleled range and depth of experience directly to you in the classroom and become your life-long mentors and supporters!

The foundation you've always wanted - tailored to your life.

Rigorous, yet flexible, professional actor training with a faculty of world-class artists, teaching you 4 days per week, for 32 intensive weeks that will change your life!

This means you have the option to study in person in New York City during the spring semester OR if you prefer training for the camera remotely - that's fine too!

You come to NYC or NYC comes to you!

Either way, it's time to put your dream into ACTION!

Space is limited.

We've tamed the digital dragon that is online actor training and we're spreading joy and mischief throughout the universe!
To learn more, book your zoom call today (act now!  zoom call appointments are limited and will book up quickly!)

Or click Apply Now to begin your application!

*Student Visas Available to Qualified International Applicants.



TTC Student Experiences...


"I just wanted to let you know how much I am loving this program. All the faculty are simply amazing, so awesome to be learning from such talented, knowledgeable individuals. I am especially aware how fortunate we are to be able to do this program in the midst of these crazy times and I believe it's one of the best investments I have made into my career/journey as an actress and human."

Liliya I

"After knowing Tom for a weekend.  I knew he was the best teacher I'd ever had and I knew I had to come to New York.  He's filled with insight, intelligence, unmatched humor, care and love.  I've never met anyone quite like Tom- or so complete a teacher.  I would recommend this experience to anyone."

Robert D


"I wanted to share that I am enjoying the program so much. The program/teachers/students is full of love and knowledge, and I am in a constant state of flow and inspiration in class. My only sadness is that it will end in 8 months!"

Deanna S

"I mean it when I say that none of this would be happening if it were not for you. Had I not met you, I would most likely not have moved to New York City. I would not have met this beautiful artistic family that has inspired me to put on this production, and I would not have been prepared with all the tools to do so. This story is one that lives in all of us and we cannot wait to tell it. Thank you for introducing me to this community, thank you for your training, and thank you for your support."

Ramya H


When I tell you this friendversary is an emotional one, that's the understatement of the decade... Tom, I will never be able to thank you enough for changing my life. The Conservatory has given my such breakthroughs, such amazing instructors, and such friends and collaborators for life!  Much much love.

Nikki S

"Tom and Emily, Thank you for being so sincere, so devoted, so real and so accessible to create an open, liberating and free environment for us. Not even three months into this experience, I’m enjoying and participating in life and creativity more than ever before.  The energy of our class is something to be treasured. So many other thoughts – for now – please know how deeply and positively you have affected us and will for our lifetimes.  LOVE and GRATITUDE for you both each and every day!"

Moneen D


"I'm more confident than ever and I'm forever grateful!"

CiCi M

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