If you’re considering a career in acting, your first step is taking actor training classes from a superior acting coach. It’s the best way to understand the patterns and scope that most beginner actors face when they embark on their career. These 4 ways of preparation will help you achieve the goal. 

Prepare for your first acting class

Get Comfortable Around Others

Stage fright really is a thing. And most people have it in one way or another. In fact, 75% of Americans fear public speaking. It happens to the most popular actors too. Acting classes can help build the bridge to becoming comfortable in your own skin when it’s time to show off your acting skills. Because you will be facing many styles of acting and techniques with your coaches, it’s important to remain comfortable. Grab a friend or family member and read a monologue aloud. Perhaps you can recite your favorite scene with a friend. As time goes on, these little practices will help you gain confidence and feel more comfortable with each performance. 

Prepare for Relaxation and Breathing 

When you take your first class, you’ll probably run into a rhythmic motion of relaxation techniques that involve breathing exercises. These breathing rhythms have been known to help actors focus on fluency and words without feelings of anxiety or stress that often accompanies such a career. You can practice these exercises at home by taking in slow, deep breaths. Deep breathing also helps relax the muscles. 

Get Rid of Any Self-Doubt

You’re not the first aspiring actor whose fears made them choke on the spot. You can take comfort in the fact that every actor has faced doubt or worry of the worst-case scenario. If your desire is to act, self doubt and fear have no place in the acting studio. Remind yourself that you’re one step ahead of the game - you’ve decided to take acting classes! You know that you need to hone your skills. And that’s precisely what you’ll do until you achieve your long-term goals. 

Dress Appropriately 

Lastly, wear comfortable clothing. Not sloppy, but comfortable for your class, especially if you’re acting in groups or various scenes. Be prepared to put on a light jacket should it get cooler or close-toed shoes if your practice takes you to another location. Dress according to your surroundings and the length of time you’ll be practicing. 

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