I want to share this with all of you. They go: “why is it so difficult to be in the moment?” You know why? Because when you're really in the moment, you're as much with your death as you are with your life. Because all the noise stops. Right? “Do you have a dog, Simba?” “I used to”. “You used to. Did you love that dog?” “Hell yeah”. Well my one guy here, Storm, he’s getting older and it’s killing me, because he’s my guy. He’s always right here. He’s two feet away from me. If I walk outside and I don’t let him come with me, he starts to howl. He’s a rescue and we don’t know where he came from. I have moments with that guy where i don’t say anything. No “oh you’re such à good boy, oh I love you so much.” I just look at him and if I hold his gaze for more than 10 seconds, he reaches his paw out and puts it on my hand. There's a great soul in there, but you know when I'm silent and I look in those eyes, I see the day we rescued him, I see every walk we ever went on, I see every meal I ever fed the guy. I see the day he's going to leave and it's overwhelming, but that’s the place where your life is. In facing life, in facing death, we learn to truly live.