How to perform on stage for the first time, right? In this video, you will learn how to transform nervousness into intense excitement. Give yourself the gift of preparation. I refer to this repeatedly, be prepared. Isn't it amazing that the Girl Scouts and the Boy Scouts that's the motto because the preparation is up to you. I meet many actors who are what I call emotional terrorists. They terrorize themselves. They put themselves into auditions and they don't even know the basics of it and they just put themselves in there and think they're going to get discovered. You don't get discovered. You just get found out and we find out you don't know what the hell you're doing yet. Please write down, impatience kills craft and career. Once again, craft plus commitment equal confidence and career. Let go of the mystical, there's nothing mystical about this. Occasionally, it's magical but it's really it's a skill set. I also like and that's why performing on stage really shows you where you are with this stuff. I believe that acting is much more like sports than it's an art. We're big football fans my dad's 86. We took him to the Super Bowl because he lives out in California and he's crazy for football we had the best time. But the thing about football you know nobody says, "I hope they discover how much I love football", it's all training isn't it and if you don't train you could get seriously injured. So, how do you have a football career? Well, you have to either tackle, block, kick, run, catch, or throw, and if you can't do any one of those you don't get to play. But look at the tears there. So, what we call our technique is an unshakable skill set it will serve you in film, in commercials, television, the theater, giving a best man or a bridesmaid speech. So, develop the unshakable skill set. Actors things never to do. Folks, actors love to say, "You know, I'm great once I get the part I just hate auditioning", well, you're never going to get the part because you got to learn to love auditioning. You don't meet again we go back to the athlete. When you're doing tryouts for a team people don't go, "Oh, I hate the tryout. I love it just once I'm on the team", it's all about the tryout or the audition to get the team. Learn to love auditioning. Learn to feel like auditioning is having like a killer three-point jump shot and they throw me the ball, throw me in the ball, throw me the ball, right? Learn to love, that learn to love it. But why you have to have joy in the audition process? This is what's going to get you a job on stage. This is what's going to get you a job in film and TV. What you're passionate about and what you're joyful about is more profound than what you're in pain about and what you're sad about. Joy is more profound than sadness. Sadness is baked into life. Why we go to plays and films right particularly in this decidedly ungraceful age we find ourselves living in. Boy, humor, humor, humor, as I said before funny is money. Charming is disarming. Be those things, learn what they are. It's a certain playfulness of spirit and remember when you're auditioning for a play or a film or a television show it's called the play. It's not called your issues. It's not called a serious, it's called a play. So, remember to play. So, I love that you're here, write stuff in the chat. We look at all of it. We answer pretty much all of it. Subscribe below. So, guys, this guy right makes acting difficult. Why? It gets you in your head. Get your actually there's been a lot of stuff written about this. We're so ahead of what we're feeling. Now, I call this work cancer prevention treatment, illness prevention treatment. Why? Early detection, right, something's off? You address it. We have a beloved German Shepherd named Rebel one day I was petting him my first dog ever in my life I said, "Something's wrong".

We went to see the vet, the vet said, "Well, he has prostate cancer but this is the earliest case of this I've ever seen. What caused you to bring him here?", I said, "Well, he's my dog". Called a friend of mine who's got certain psychic capabilities she said, "Tom, he's fine. You just got to go see this doctor", it's early because the oncologist gave him less than six months to live. We took him for all kinds of homeopathic stuff he lived two more years. So, early detection folks, fully feel all your feelings. You got to know what's going on with you. If you don't know your own nervous system what Insight could you ever possibly have into a character written on a page, right? But first it starts with you. How are you doing with you? What I love about this stuff is we have students contact us and go wow our whole family communicates differently since this stuff. We really sit down and look each other in the eye and we talk to each other. Wow, that I never would have met my wife if I didn't take your class. You know she smiled at me and I looked at the floor and I heard your voice and I ran out in the parking lot and I started a conversation and a year later we got married, right? Pretty cool. The illusion of Separation. I'm in this vehicle and you're in that vehicle. Some of you have had a near-death or out of the body experience, I've had a few of those. I consider that to be a glimpse behind the curtain of what it'll be like when we finally leave this and as Mr. Shakespeare said it's that guy again Shuffle off this Mortal coil. When you bring fear into the room and that means if you're in a fearful place you are not ready to audition professionally yet because you're bringing fear into the room and you're reinforcing the illusion of Separation which is we are separate beings. When actually when your spirit moves on you will then have the realization that you were always part of everything. So, you must bring love into the room, love for the opportunity, love that you're following your heart to be a crazy artist, love, love, love. You got to do that and then you shatter the illusion that we're separate and I go, "I love that guy. I love that guy", because that guy rings a bell that has a tone that is my best self and when you bring that fear into the room you remind me of the part of myself I like the least right and then you're going, "Wow, show business is tough", and I always think, "Well, the way you're going about it it is". Folks, dream plan reality. Everything starts with a dream and that's a creative part of the process and maybe the most important one. But the one that most people don't get to sadly is the planning part. If you create a plan and multiple plans in case the first one doesn't work out reality is inevitable. Life is about how well do you take a hit it happens to all of us. Don't personalize it. That's one of the Four Agreements that we've talked about in past videos. Don't take it personally, it's called life. You stay with the dream, create the plan. I mean, every developer that you know they looked at an empty lot and said, "Wow, what's the zoning here? Is it commercial? Is it residential? Can I get mixed-use? Can I get a tax abatement?". Most people don't want to they don't get paid they don't even get to that phase and then before you know it there's a building there. So, dream plan reality but what I teach more than anything is commitment so, write this down.

The most direct route to self-love and success is to make a series of commitments and keep them no matter what. Because it's easy to make commitments and then come the obstacles they're part of the curriculum. People say to us all the time, "Oh, I was going to train and then this happened", I know what's your point of course, something happened you made a commitment. You failed the first test the first speed bump came and you went up see it's not meant to be. If it was meant to be. Well if life was meant to be gravity would magically throw the covers off the bed every morning and we would gravitate out of bed and just go about our day, right? The first law in the morning when we open our eyes is gravity says, "No, stay in bed", right and then you realize it's written on butcher paper and you put your foot through it and then you take no and you flip it and it says on the day is on and so we go. So, I challenge you don't guess say yes it's your life. Don't guess say yes we have a surprise gift for you. Come visit on Saturday see if this is a good fit for you. I challenge you to work more deeply than you ever have before click below, see you Saturday.