How to start an acting career? In this video, we'll answer that question. How to start an acting career? First, ask yourself, why do you want this as your career? Please know, my job as I see it is to give you time most effectively spent on earth. The school play was far less demanding than the career of the actor. So, I want to be sure that you've really checked it out before you make that commitment. Do not be what we call a half-assed hamlet you got to be all in. You can't be a little bit pregnant. So, you're in or you're not? So, study film history it's never been easier. If you don't have the criterion channel pause this video and subscribe to it, it's 10 bucks a month. It's art house cinema that in New York City in the winter in the late 70s and onward. I'd be standing in line at the Carnegie hall cinema or the regency or any number of long gone theaters sadly because we never knew whether we'd get to see these films again. watch your favorite films over and over and over again. Break down why they work, right? The ones that don't work nobody could pay you to watch it a second time. So, success leaves clues, audible books. There's so many ways to learn now. Anyone who becomes masterful at anything apprenticed first. you know I also recommend a letter-writing campaign. I was fortunate to work with Cicely Berry who was the head of voice of the world Shakespeare company and later direct and produce what became the chronicle of her life's work she's gone up. I wrote her a letter at Stratford-upon-Avon. A friend of mine knew her and said, "You know, you ought to write her a letter", because I admired her books and I had just seen a production she coached at Stratford-upon-Avon and she said, "Well, she'll write you back you should write her a letter", and I wrote her a letter and she wrote me back and that equaled a 25-year friendship. We share the same birthday. You know get on fire about this stuff but first know what it is you're getting yourself into. You know broadway, regional theater, eight shows a week, one night off a week, two on Wednesday, two on Saturday. You got that stuff? "Oh, I want to be in film and TV, that's easier", really? 60, 70, 80, hour weeks. The shortest day I ever did on a movie was 12 hours. The average day 14 to 16, it's for strong people. You know I'm a great lover of sport and acting to me is much more of a contact sport than it's an art. So, if you don't want to be heard, you don't want to be seen, think about whether this is for you. Maybe you want that but you're a little conflicted the training can heal that for you. If you don't want to touch people and you don't want to be touched don't be an actor. You know there's this preciousness that's in the world now and I go, "Listen, the greatest work is dangerous", it's o be safe, it's got to be healthy, but it's got to be dangerous. Otherwise, it feels premeditated and if it's premeditated, it's going to be predictable, which is really boring. So, you still want an acting career? Subscribe below. So, how to start an acting career? I find there are a couple camps of people. There are the people that do not like their life currently and the idea of transforming into another character is very attractive to them.

But the reality is you can't really transform into another person it's actually always yourself under different given circumstances and then there's the healthy reason to want to do this. But by the way, the first one can be healed by the pursuit of working on your voice, speech, text work, and getting more comfortable in your own skin. It's a large part of the journey of all of our lives whether you realize it or not yet. But the healthy reason is your spirit does not fit into a cubicle right and the anniversary of the cubicle was two years ago 50 years, isn't that exciting? Wow, okay. So, one thing I know about the human spirit it is not linear, right, it's probably more liquid or cloud-like. So, you want to hang out with other wild spirits like yourself who are leading a heart-centered life. Remember acting and storytelling is its own form of contribution. We all learned. I mean, even history breaks down to two syllables his story right and there's her story by the way. So, stories are what teach us everything. The cruelest thing one can do to someone is solitary confinement because then there's no stories. So, storytelling really... important. But apprentice, visit, write letters, talk to people. Oftentimes, we've mentioned this before that you're here to learn how to ask and fight for what you want and say no to what you don't want. The other part is the most direct route to self-love and success is to make commitments and keep them no matter what. The no matter what part is the important part and it's why it's the end of the idea. When you make a commitment which is very easy to do obstacles then come up to get in the way of the commitment, they're part of the curriculum. They're testing your commitment. Don't take those things personally, right, keep your commitment. You'll feel good about yourself. So, so much of our work is labeling and identifying. So, we've labeled 15 guidepost, 6 viewpoints, 4 parts of vocal variation, 4 agreements. You also have to label the dark parts the parts where we get in our own way and it's very important to label them as they're happening rather than in hindsight which is always 2020. So, are you a procrastinator? Are you somebody who wastes time on the internet and a lot of times you know spending money that you don't really have on things you don't really need. This is how we get in our own way everybody has the shadow side. So, embracing that not personalizing that you know eating when you're not really hungry etc... Make your list because you know so much of this work is getting out of your own way. You can't modify what you haven't identified but first you have to identify. The good stuff double down triple down on that stuff and the negative stuff identify it as it's happening rather than once it's over because that's the point of power. There's a wonderful book called The Body Keeps The Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk k-o-l-k. Very interesting about healing the past so you can be fully in the present. You can listen to it on audible I recommend it highly. So, are you excited? Do you got the stuff? Come and visit our Saturday community. Please come to the first one as our guest. I challenge you to work more deeply and specifically, than you ever have before. See you on Saturday, click on the link below.