Remember the two most important phrases in our language are: “I LOVE” (fill in the blank) “I WANT (fill in the blank). The wants in life, folks, are basically: Fighting, Fleeing and Ffff (Fu$%*ing) You’ve got to really underline what you want, because especially with Shakespeare also with Chekhov, Ibsen, Strindberg, Moliere, it's very easy to think it's all about how you say it, but it's about how you say it, but it's why are you saying what you’re saying. It’s because you want something. When classical work is transcendent, it’s because we go: “Wow, people have not changed”. If it’s Shakespeare, in 460-470 years if it’s Chekhov, they haven’t changed in 100 years. If it's the Greeks, people's motivations, wants and desires haven't changed in 3,000 years. That's why it's classi-cal, because it's classic. It's a classic situation.