“How does one manage vocal rate? Our voice can change depending on what needs to be communicated but when does it become too fast?” Don't worry about that! Don’t worry about “too fast”. Think about when you've been mad at somebody. As long as it's clear, I mean, I’ve watched network procedural cop shows that are moving at a snail's pace, that don't have enough volume or diction and I don't understand what's being said. Never worry about being too anything. I find actors are like: “i’ll be too much”. Our Saturday Fellowship is called the “Too Much Club” it's why you're here. Your spirit does not fit in a cubicle and a year-and-a-half ago was the 50th anniversary of the cubicle. Wasn't that exciting? That's why you missed it. So, Sammy we’ll see you on Thursday and you can ask back about that, but don’t worry about being “too too”. Right? The people that have the largesse of spirit are the ones that end up with the large career. Right? Don’t worry about playing small ball, unless you're reading for really small part. You know, when agents and managers are telling you “have a neutral background if it's a 2 line part”, but as we saw with Tessie a couple of months ago you know she had a background and a look for 3 lines and it was amazing! It was its own little mini short film. So, I trust that answers it for you, but it's all based on what's the script doing. What's the script doing? We watched the gals working on “The women” Pippa and Carolyn and they know each other really well and they're taking turns. I’m going “It’s not emotional!!!” When you get emotional, you talk really quickly and you say “Don’t interrupt me!” That’s what you do. That’s what people do. Right? So you're not giving us a sanitized pasteurized and homogenized version of real people and what I love about people like Shelley Winters and I always think of Shelley Winters and Rod Steiger as being like brother and sister separated-at-birth. These are big spirits! Well, he had one Oscar and she had two and they weren’t pretty. They look like real people and they’re kick-ass actors, so, so don't worry about that. We pay big money for big performances!