Folks, the Scout motto: “Be prepared”. You think you’re prepared, but when you get to work on the day, particularly if it’s camera work. I remember when I first started doing guest star roles on tv, I was really excited. The first two major ones i got, it was “Superman-Lois & Clark” and “Star Trek Voyageur”. I really liked both those shows so I watched them. So I was thrilled to be on them. I got there, I remember “we’ll rehearse” and I grabbed the actor who’s the lead and I go: “could we run this?” They don’t want to rehearse, because they’ve been doing this for years, they are so comfortable doing this. They go: “No. I gotta call my agent, because i’m up for an indy film and I gotta find out about it”. All of this is to say that your preparation is only up to you. You must not rely on any more preparation on the day, because if you’re expecting that, read “assumption” in “The four agreements”, you will be really disappointed. I never met any regular on a series that will rehearse with a guest star, let alone a co-star.