What are you looking for?

Discipline and willingness to learn and grow.

We are highly selective in our search for motivated individuals who are dedicated to the development of their craft. We look for courage, playfulness, discipline, willingness to grow, generosity, curiosity and the ability to make choices that are personal, passionate, precise, political and provocative.

The Tom Todoroff Studio is an equal opportunity institution that does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, sexual orientation, race, religion, creed, handicap, color, ethnic origin, or national origin (as defined in the Rehabilitation Act of 1973) in selecting qualified applicants or administering its educational programs or admissions policies.

I would like to visit a class - how do I do this?

We strongly encourage actors who are considering the Conservatory to come visit a class and experience this training first hand!  Book your free first class here.  

Do I need to move to NYC to train in the Conservatory?

Nope!  You can train from anywhere in the world.  Our first semester 2021 will be offered via distance learning for all Conservatory students.  Then, come the spring semester, we'll move to a hybrid learning set up.  This means, if you'd like to move to NYC and finish up the year in person - you can!  If you prefer to stick with distance learning - you can!  Additionally, arrangements can be made for those students who would like to be in NYC for just part of the spring semester as well.  

Why is training for the camera via distance learning so effective?

The growth in Conservatory actors who were training online throughout 2020 and early 2021 was unprecedented.  Anyone who has aspirations to work in film, television and new media develops an essential relaxation and confidence on camera.

How do I apply and audition?

All details regarding how to apply and audition can be found here!  

Do you have an age limit for applicants?

We're open to all ages.  What makes an artist ready for training cannot be predicted by age or experience.

Do I need a high school diploma to apply?

All applicants must have a high school diploma or its nationally recognized equivalent.

Upon completion of the Conservatory, what will I receive?

Conservatory graduates leave with a Diploma in Acting, a professional actor reel and ongoing mentorship from our unparalleled faculty and staff of industry professionals.

Can my Diploma be counted as credit toward my college degree?

Yes.  We offer a degree track through our partner institution, Long Island University (LIU): Brooklyn.  LIU Brooklyn is located in the heart of Brooklyn, New York, just off the Atlantic Avenue subway stop and steps away from Brooklyn Academy of Music and the Barclays Center. There is no set degree option - students may major in any field they wish - including but not limited to TV, Film & Media Arts, English or Psychology.  Contact conservatory@tomtodoroff.com for details.

Where do I find housing in New York City?

We have staff ready to offer personalized guidance to each member of the incoming ensemble.  Dorm-style housing is also available through Educational Housing Services.

We also recommend checking out our Housing page (click here) and reaching out with any questions you may have!  

I have never studied acting before. Am I still eligible to join the Conservatory?

Previous acting experience is not a requirement to audition for the Conservatory program, as it does not necessarily indicate an individual’s potential for artistic development, if accepted. See “What are you looking for?” at the top of this page.

What is the size and scope of the Conservatory?

The Tom Todoroff Studio is a small, private, proprietary institution, training between 180-200 actors per year across all programs.  In the Conservatory program, between 25 and 35 actors are accepted into each incoming ensemble with two ensembles training at any given time.  As of 2021, the student / teacher ratio is 6 to 1 for the Conservatory.

How and when do I pay the tuition?

Students in the Conservatory program pay their tuition in installments. Read over our Tuition page.  Again, if you have questions about finances - please reach out and ask us!  The only silly question is the one you don't ask!

Will I have time to work part-time while training in the Conservatory?

Yes - absolutely.  Classes are five hours a day, four days per week.  You'll always have a three-day weekend (Friday through Sunday).  Most students have a part time job that begins after 4pm on weekdays, or they work longer hours on the weekends. 

Do you offer scholarships or financial aid? Does the Conservatory qualify for student loans or government loan programs?

We keep Conservatory tuition and fees as low as possible considering the quality of our faculty and training (we share faculty with Juilliard, Yale, NYU and USC).   On average, these programs are ten times the tuition of our Conservatory training program.

As such, we cannot offer additional remission.  We do not participate in U.S. government loans at this time.

That said, we’ve often found the tuition costs at institutions offering Federal Financial Aid are often higher than our own, even after the aid is applied!

We do offer a very limited number of payment plans to qualified individuals. Those interested in being considered for a payment plan must schedule a phone interview in advance of their audition by emailing conservatory@tomtodoroff.com.

Payment plans will be assessed on a case by case basis. The strength of the individual’s application and audition will affect this decision.

What visa do you offer international students?

Accepted members of the Conservatory will receive an M-1 visa.  Contact ISVP@tomtodoroff.com to request further details and visa application.

Are there language requirements for international students?  Is TOEFL required?

International Conservatory applicants are not required to complete the TOEFL, but fluency in English will be assessed during the audition.  Please note that fluency in English extends to reading and writing as well as speaking.  

If I'm accepted, does this mean my space is reserved in the ensemble?

An acceptance letter does NOT mean your space is saved.  Due to the limited number of spaces, your reservation is official only once the initial $1000. tuition deposit is made.

May I defer my acceptance?

We typically cannot grant deferrals, but if you'd like to make the request, contact conservatory@tomtodoroff.com.

What are the different programs offered by the Tom Todoroff Studio?

The Tom Todoroff Studio hosts a myriad of training programs for actors around the globe.

See “Programs” for further details on these offerings.