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Orientation Resources

Acting I & II – Syllabus 
Romeo and Juliet Prologue
Hamlet’s Advice to the Players!
The Power of Thought
THE TODOROFF APPROACH - Key Terms & Concepts
Rehearsal Manual by Michael Shurtleff
Recommended Scenes List
Recommended Monologues List - FEMALE
Recommended Monologues List - MALE
Book List
Expenses Year 1
Housing Guide
Student Resources
Wednesday Evening Class Sign Up Form

Student Handbook & Course Catalog 2019-2020

Library Resources

NY Library Card Overview 
NY Library Card Application 

Class Locations

Pearl Studios
500 8th Avenue (floors 4 & 12) ; 519 8th Avenue (floor 12) NYC, NY 10018
The Players Theatre
115 Macdougal Street, (floor 2, 3 and main stage) NYC, NY 10012
Open Jar Studios 
1601 Broadway (Floor 11) NYC, NY 10019


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Tom Todoroff Acting Studio & Conservatory FB page
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Monthly Class Calendar 

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Classes meet Monday through Friday from mid-September to mid-May.
A & B Groups
E8 2019-2020 Class Calendar
(see academic calendar below)

Faculty Contact List 

9am is the earliest start time daily.  3:30pm is the latest end time daily — except on Wednesdays, when you have an evening class 6:30pm-10pm.  Please ensure your schedule always remains open during these times frames.

Saturday September 7-8, 2019:  Orientation Weekend
Monday September 9, 2019:  Fall Soirée (evening) / Opening Party
Wednesday September 11, 2019:  Conservatory training commences
Tuesday November 26, 2019:  Last day of class before Thanksgiving Break
Wednesday November 27, 2019 – Sunday December 1, 2019:  BREAK - Thanksgiving Holiday
Monday December 2, 2019:  Classes resume
Saturday December 21, 2019 – Sunday January 5, 2020:  BREAKWinter Holiday
Monday January 6, 2020: Classes resume 
Friday January 17, 2020:  Last day Fall Term
Monday January 20, 2020:  First day of Spring Term
Saturday March 14, 2020 – Friday March 22, 2020:  BREAK - Spring Break
Monday March 23, 2020:  Classes resume 
Friday May 15, 2020:  Last day of Spring Term
Saturday May 16, 2020:  Film History Film Festival, final rehearsals
Monday May 18, 2020:  Performance Project
Tuesday May 19, 2020:  OFF
Wednesday May 20, 2020:  Commencement
Thursday May 21, 2020:  BREAK - Summer Break

*Students are required to be in attendance for the entire academic year through May 20, 2019.

Contact Info

Admin Team – conservatory@tomtodoroff.comcall only (212) 362-8141
Executive Director – Emily Moulton – emoulton@tomtodoroff.comcall or text (310) 980-4504
Admissions & Accounting– Lindley Bounds – lbounds@tomtodoroff.com
Student Visa Program –Cassie Bednall – isvp@tomtodoroff.com
Orientation Director & Student Services – Mark Guerette – markguerette@tomtodoroff.com
Attendance Records – ttcattendance@gmail.com


For more detailed information about classes, tuition or other concerns, we invite you to contact the Tom Todoroff Studio today by calling 212-362-8141, or by writing to us through our secure contact page.