Laura Soiz

“The course with Tom was PHENOMENAL!!! What an inspiration, and such a devout teacher to the actor’s cause. Tom certainly brings his best. I’m not alone when I say that I have left the Intensive Workshop with a completely redefined and improved approach to acting and auditions. Compared to other acting teachers, it’s night and day – with Tom emanating the brightest light imaginable!”

Daniel Mazur (aka. the Sportsman)

“I had the most amazing experience with Tom, as did everyone that attended the workshop. It exceeded all my expectations. It was almost overwhelming. A friend asked me what happened and I simply replied, “Tom is what happened!” I had a great time.”

Sandra Dacosta

Everyone was really moved and excited by the weekend – THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH TEACHERS WHO PUSH THIS WAY!”
“It was a tough weekend for me, but man did I need it! I had the beautiful fortune of coming home last night to a call from my agent with a booking. It’s time for swallowing pride, losing fear and walking forward. Here I go!  Thank you so much!”

Rosa Laborde

“This weekend was an absolute blast! I am so glad I stuck with it! It was really an awakening, on more than one level… I hadn’t done a workshop in years (I think five!). Now the wheels are turning again and I won’t be stopping them anytime soon!!!!”
“Thank you so much for an exciting experience! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again!”

Maxine DuMont

“Call it Karma, call it energy, call it what you will. Being a part of all this was an explosive experience for me. It was an investment wherein the returns were received even before I was through reading the resource books; the class was the bonus! You all rock! I am going to personally invite all the people I work with to Tom’s subsequent workshops to get some of what I received. I will ensure that this fire continues burning! Thanks!”

Ryan Singh

“WOW! The fog has been lifted. Tom’s workshop created a safe & loving environment within which we could stretch, grow and let go. It was awesome to watch and experience! Thanks for bringing this opportunity our way. It was enlightening.”

Ipsita Paul

“It was a FABULOUS weekend! I absolutely cannot wait for my next audition so I can go there and SHINE. I have received a huge confidence boost that is already changing my work, and my life. I want to work with Tom again, and I will absolutely spread the word! Thanks again!”

Jen Daniels

“I just wanted to let you know that I found the workshop absolutely brilliant. I was blown away by how much I learned from both performing and watching others work. I will definitely take a workshop with Tom again. Cheers,”

Chadwick Allen

“I would like to thank you, Tom, for coming here and inspiring us! I am truly grateful to have had this uplifting experience, and am now set on the path to my true self as both an individual and an actor! Thank you!”

Bryan Hansford

“Tom, I am humbled by writing you. I now have a feeling of everlasting freedom. Meeting you, sharing space and absorbing a washing of essential truths about life and acting was igniting. I believe it was your honest energy and delight that awakened and focused me all at once.  Your range (fire and water) and consistent ease made studying with you an organic experience (triple organic)! I was bathed inside with a molecular change. I want it to last!”

Julie Tesolin

“I wanted to let you know what a great and inspirational weekend this was. Tom really knew EVERYTHING he was talking about! It was unbelievable, I mean he could just pick anything out and make it better – even if it was great to begin with!”

Dylan Smith [“Curly Jr.”]

“Dear Tom, Now that we’ve all had a chance to take a breath, I wanted to write you and thank you for coming to Toronto. I’ve been taking professional classes at several different studios and I’ve learned something new with each experience. That being said, this past weekend was special. You’re truly present with us, and you don’t just provide a reflection, you provide a reflection and remove the ego. It’s really quite amazing.  Thank you for learning so much and then being driven to share it. Since you’ve left, e-mails have flown between the group. Talk about changing the molecules!   Thanks again,”

Jules Ross

“I was at the workshop on the 25th and 26th. I must say, I learned more in those two days than any other acting classes I’ve ever taken. I have a renewed energy about how I approach my auditions. I no longer feel like I’m at a plateau. With these new tools, I feel I can now overcome the challenges I’ve been dealing with. This is definitely a class I will do again and again and again!”

Jagruti Parmar

“I took the Tom Todoroff Intensive this weekend and it was a life changing experience. Words alone cannot explain the sensation! For any of your clients interested in fast-forwarding their career, they must take this workshop. It will guide them to understanding themselves and the business. As Tom puts it, “It’s not just about working, but rather about working again!””

Alicia Payne

“This weekend was so incredibly inspiring. It renewed my love and passion for acting. I think just listening to Tom teach for two days was more valuable than the four years I spent at theatre school! I just wish the workshop was longer…”
“How often would I study with Tom?!? Well, let’s just say that I was inspired to pick up and move to LA to stalk him (in a very non-psychotic way) for more classes. I would sign up again as often as he came to town. Thanks for a tremendous opportunity!”

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