Marya Delver

“I learned so much from Tom’s insights and experience, and a lot by observing everyone else’s work and the changes after his recommendations. I also really appreciated how patient and honest Tom was, and very giving- even with his time while staying so late with us. I am so grateful. This workshop helped give me a sense of urgency and strengthened my resolve in going after my dreams. I look forward to learning more so that I can give back. Thank you!”

Michael Long

“I loved the music playing between the scenes – it keeps the energy up. I loved the way Tom introduces each scene – with such great respect for the play, the writer and the players. The practical application of the guideposts is the tool I’ve been looking for. I really got how to activate my work in a way that is immediate. It takes my work from acceptable to extraordinary in a moment… especially introducing the notion of mischief. I feel freer in my performance and more able to commit to my choices. Tom’s generosity of spirit, warmth and tremendous respect for actors is a huge gift to us. I am so grateful…This was a life changing experience for me in a number of ways. I approach performance as a path for the divine in the self, and Tom is the first teacher I’ve met who has managed to integrate acting and spirituality without getting flakey.”
“I’m so excited about this new “relationship” and look forward to crossing paths again and again with Tom. Thank you for bringing Tom to our city!”

Michael Cohen

“Thanks, Tom! You are a phenomenal coach and a fascinating human being. Thank you for your encouragement and for providing a work plan to follow for getting back to that place of play I love so much! I’m really looking forward to learning more from you. I can’t wait to see where this adventure will take all of us!”

Anna Stassis


Commitment +
Craft = Career

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