• If you work on a piece that involves accent or dialect work of any kind be sure you've done extensive study in the subject.
  • Make sure that in the piece you choose, you want something urgently right now (in the present moment).  Please avoid memory pieces that involve discussing an event that happened in the past as these are inherently less dramatic and harder to motivate.
  • Choose a piece you LOVE, that you're passionate about!  Avoid anything that feels like sarcasm, cynicism.  Sarcasm and Cynicism are not emotions - they are not useful to an actor's growth.
  • Make sure your piece can STAND ON ITS OWN.  This means it has a clear beginning, middle and end so you're able to tell a clear story. 
  • Trust the text.  NEVER EDIT the text internally.  Start at the written beginning of a scene and cut it at 3-4 minutes in for scene work and 1-2 minutes in for monologues.  You will not necessarily be able to reach the written end of a piece within the time allotted - that's OK!  A shorter section of text allows you to work with greater specificity and leaves the audience wanting more!
  • Please do not work on really well known / blockbuster / oscar winning films, as they are already so closely associated with specific actors.
  • Submit you selected scene or monologue for approval BEFORE rehearsal.  (Email the text for approval)
  • When in doubt, ask.  The only dumb question is the one that remains unasked.
Commitment +
Craft = Career

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