All programs are continuing online until further notice!

1. Compile a list of "actor / drama / performer facebook groups' for your region

  • FB group examples to search for in your region - PLEASE add ore - helpful to quickly jot group names in your Master List Document as well
  • Examples:  Local City FB group page:  Tom Todoroff Studio DC, DC Actors & Filmmakers, DC filmmakers, Actors, Screenwriters, Directors, Cinematographers, DC Film Industry Network, DC Background casting news, DC models/photographers/designers connect
  • ... any others?
  • search for the words "Actors + your city", "your city + acting"

2.  Join all applicable groups NOW.  (It can sometimes take days or even weeks to become an approved member of certain groups, so ask to join asap!)

3.  Please always tag @Andrea Erickson in the comments section when you post so she may follow along with what you're posting. If you are unable, be sure Andrea is "added to the group" or please invite her.

4.  Be sure you are familiar with posting rules within the group.  Some groups do not allow posting for training.  however, most of the time if you point out that we offer a 20% discount for union members and the ability to observe the first time for just $20 usd, they're fine with it!

5.  Instagram Hashtages


For more detailed information about classes, tuition or other concerns, we invite you to contact the Tom Todoroff Studio today by calling 212-362-8141, or by writing to us through our secure contact page.