• Read the Syllabus
  • Submit your text for approval BEFORE working on it.
  • Read the play fully and understand the play
  • Choose age appropriate material
  • When selecting material, ensure you are starting at the written beginning and cutting it 1-2 minutes in for monologues and 3-4 minutes in for scenes.  Please do NOT ever start in the middle.  This interrupts the flow and architecture of the piece as intended by the author.  
  • Never make internal edits.
  • Appropriate costumes for the period
  • Appropriate dialect for the text 
  • Basic furniture will be available at the theater
  • Any additional props and furniture needed for the scene are to be supplied by the actor. 
  • Working with your scene partner; schedule rehearsals together in person, on the phone or via Skype - HONOR the schedule! 
  • Research into the play will be expected as of scene/monologue approval.
Commitment +
Craft = Career

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