Tom Todoroff Studio Overview


The Tom Todoroff Studio exists to train, empower and fully prepare you for a professional acting career.

At the core of this training is the belief that an actor is a professional human being.

We are therefore deeply committed to your growth both as a person and as an actor in a supportive, yet rigorous training environment.

We are dedicated to raising your level of consciousness; to increasing the vitality and aliveness in your work and in your life.

It is our goal to create a joyful community of skilled artists.  Individual will is powerful. Like-minded group support is omnipotent.  Especially for an actor, whose craft is inherently collaborative!

We aim to inspire you to unparalleled standards of excellence, professionalism and artistry in all you create, and in all you aspire to accomplish in this life.


We believe in nurturing the whole instrument - head, heart and hips.

We believe in training designed to help the actor shed “competitive defense mechanisms,” facilitating access to one’s unique vulnerability, which is the cornerstone of all great acting.

We believe in a strong concentration on vocal work, as the authority of one’s acting is directly proportional to the muscularity of one’s voice.

We believe strong writing creates strong actors.

We believe that all art stems from a personal, precise, passionate, political, provocative, purposeful point of view.


Our code of conduct is based on four deceptively simple yet powerful agreements, as per “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz, they are:

  • Always do your best

  • Don’t take anything personally

  • Don’t make assumptions

  • Be impeccable with your word

This philosophy promotes joy and freedom.

All actors are expected to demonstrate discipline and willingness.  Discipline to do the work and willingness to explore ….

All actors are expected to practice “The Art of Showing Up” - The moment you believe you are too overwhelmed “to show up” to class is usually a mysterious gift, as it is the moment of your breakthrough.  Don’t miss it!


Tom Todoroff has codified the following set of essential concepts and tools, drawn from his time training with Stella Adler, collaborating with Michael Shurtleff, studying at Juilliard and directing, producing, coaching and acting in Hollywood, New York, London and abroad.  

The Todoroff Acting Technique is all-encompassing and prescriptive, based on each individual’s specific needs. This work will arm the actor with an “unshakable skill set” to master any material (classical theater texts, film and television) and any environment (last minute filmed audition to repertory theater performance).

The Technique rests on four pillars:

  • Text Analysis: Shurtleff & Todoroff's Fifteen Guideposts

  • Physical Awareness: The Six Viewpoints

  • Vocal Awareness: Four Parts of Vocal Variation

  • Work Ethos: Four Agreements, Three Tenets, Three Techniques

This approach has been proven over the nearly forty years Tom has been working with actors around the world.


For more detailed information about classes, tuition or other concerns, we invite you to contact the Tom Todoroff Studio today by calling 212-362-8141, or by writing to us through our secure contact page.