3 Tips to find the perfect monologue for your acting school audition!

When searching for the perfect monologue to use for acting school auditions, many actors find they don’t know where to begin!  They wonder - how can I possibly find a piece that, in just two minutes (or less!) will demonstrate all I’m capable of artistically? 

The following are the 3 Essential Tips to keep in mind during this important and exciting time in your life on your path to becoming a professional actor!

Where & How to Search:

Remember, you are looking for a monologue that sets you apart - so it’s important to select a piece that isn’t really well known and overdone.  Going online and searching “best monologue for female / male XX age” is not going to work because - guess what - that’s what everyone else is doing! 

Finding strong audition piece takes time and a whole lot of reading - but, I promise, the time you invest in this process will continue you to serve you well beyond your school auditions. If you live in or near NYC, go to the Drama Bookstore.  If you live in or near L.A., go to Samuel French.  If you outside of these cities, go to your nearest library that carries playscripts.

Be True to You:

Follow the Rules:

Match your gender, age and STYLE

As an actor, look for plays that represent your age group and gender.  As much as you love Anton Chekhov’s Monologue from THE SEAGULL, you may not be a 50-year-old male, and thus will never play that role therefore it doesn’t make sense for you to do his repertoire.  Also, look for monologues that match your personality and strengths.  If you are an introvert you may connect well with interior monologues.  If you are expressive you may connect well with dramatic or comedy styles.  Research monologues that match closer to your age, gender and style so that you feel more natural, relaxed and free flowing.

Find the connection

Find a monologue that resonates with your soul.  As you read through plays in search of that perfect monologue, don’t focus just with your mind but feel it with your gut.  Does the monologue connect with your emotions? Does it take you to your fondest memory?  Does it remind you of your childhood?  If your answer is YES, then there is a high chance the monologue will not only feel natural and suit you but will resonate well with the audition panel.

Follow the rules

As a starting point it’s a good idea to know what your audition panel is expecting.  Does it need to be 1 minute or less?  Can it be 2 minutes long? Does it need to be classical or contemporary or do you need one of each? Do you need to come up with your own monologue or choose from a pre-approved list of published plays? Always read the instructions carefully to setup yourself up for success down the road.

Finding that perfect monologue should be easier when you know what you are looking for. Are there rules set by the acting school?  Did you find a match for your age, gender and style?  Does it connect with you on the emotional level?   All of these factors will make your audition preparation much more effective and make you a successful actor