Who cares about crying? I mean, people that can’t cry, they’re blocked up, but acting is not about crying. As I said, Stanislavski said that when the actor is crying, most often the audience isn’t. It’s not about crying, it’s about fighting!  Acting is about fighting. You fight with this [gestures], this [gestures] and this [gestures] like this [gestures]. It’s a fight and you fight to get to the fffff- ucking. It’s not about “I cry, i’m sad, i’m angry”. All that stuff in “Virginia Woolf”, moment to moment, the movie is pretty terrific, it keeps changing. If you just keep playing the negative, that would be unwatchable. This rattles people, but I love it when people say it’s my job to blow your mind, to show you really what you’re capable of. When I blow your mind, don’t take it personally. I’m showing you that you’re just moving in directions away from who you are at your core, cuz you’re ruled by this [gestures to his head] that’s a control thing. You’re wanting to be two steps ahead saying: “I’ll do this, because that’s how i’m going to be seen anyway”, well no, that’s not going to float the boat. When you love what you’re doing, we really love what you’re doing and when you’re really turned on, we’re really  turned on. It’s really as simple as that.