Benefits of vocal training? Here we go. Your connection vocally is your connection emotionally. When you really learn to speak and you really learn to make sound the world appears different to you. Every sound in spoken English is like a musical note. Do you have a relationship with those sounds? This is critical. Now, one of the things as we talk about the benefits of vocal training. What actors don't think about that we in production when we're holding auditions we're hearing the same text over and over and over again and suddenly somebody comes in and we flip over their headshot and go who is this? Well, it's because they changed the molecules in the room, right. Something tangible happened. You know when I started working with people vocally I have a set of drums in the corner of my place and I would do this example where I go to the opposite side of the room and face the wall away from the drums and I'd say something like, and the symbols would ring and the snare drum would vibrate, that's dead metal. Now, if that could vibrate would that move a person? So, as an actor it's your job to change the molecules in the room. That's why people come. They want to be changed, right. Now, what do they want to have changed? We broke down one night in the studio that there's basically five reasons people come to hear a story in no particular order, to laugh, to cry, to learn something and be enlightened, documentary film huge fan of those, to be scared. Horror is the easiest genre to sell worldwide because being chased with a chainsaw in Thailand or Orlando is pretty much the same thing. A chainsaw is a chainsaw and it translates and travels very well and the fifth one is to be turned on. The good erotic thriller romantic comedy, etc. But you got to do at least one of those and if you don't have a voice and as we've said in past videos listen to Lorraine Bracco, listen to Cate Blanchette, listen to Kate Winslet, listen to Meryl Streep, listen to Glenn Close. These women have what we call ovarian fortitude. They are connected to the nether regions. They can be very funny, very scary, very sexy, anything they want to be, because they have command of their person. So, one of the benefits of training is you become more comfortable in your own skin. Now, whether you realize it or not that's what we all want. Do you feel relaxed in your own body, right? If you're not fully connected to your voice which you were as a child it's still in there, it's just sleeping, right. You won't know that level of relaxation and that's why so much of it is vocal.

Please remember that acting is the seemingly invisible, seemingly ordinary art of relaxation under extraordinary circumstances. The extraordinary circumstances are there's a lens aimed at your head. There's lights all over the place. Yet, I feel like I'm in my own home which I'm not. If we're changing the molecules in your room, right, please leave a comment below. So, you've got to make the decision as the actor. You got to make the decision that you really want to be heard and you really want to be seen. Yeah, remember folks, when you grab the year of the audience, their eyes follow but it starts with the ear. Well, remember folks, everything you do you are either concealing or revealing your heart. Now, we are in an epidemic with this guy that this is really phony communication. It's not looking someone in the eye and speaking from your gut. Do not make major life decisions until you are connected to your gut feelings. Later you'll say, what was I thinking? I go, well, the problem was you were thinking and you weren't feeling. So, how we're wired up as people? So when we reawaken this part of our body, the gut level, right, feeling, thought, action. On another day, another feeling, another thought, action. So, feeling, thought, action, write that down. This is critical because what happens and this does not help, yeah. Feeling, thought, no action, feeling, thought, no action, feeling, thought, no action, anxious, feeling, thought, feeling, thought, feeling, thought, feeling, thought. I think I'll eat some ice cream, okay, right? Really important, one of the major courses in the curriculum of this life is to fully feel all your feelings, really important. Now, a very fine lady psychologist published author taught me this feeling thought action thing and when she taught it to me I went, oh, they wrote a play about this. It's called hamlet and why it's considered to be by many the greatest play ever written we talk a lot about universals. Well, what's so universal about hamlet? I've never been a prince nor have I been to Denmark, right. Ah, it's the tragedy of the person that procrastinates. It's the tragedy of the person who knows what they have to do but they practice indecision. So, then she said to me, "Wow, she really liked that observation", and she said but here's the scariest part of all when you practice feeling, thought, feeling, thought, feeling, thought, no action, which she calls revving r-e-v-v-i-n-g, over time you destroy your brain chemistry and your ability to take action. So, take action. Remember, we say sound, speed, marker, set, meditate. No, we don't say that contemplate. No, we don't say that action. The last speech, the last line. the last line of Mr. Hamlet's to be or not to be speech is and lose the name of action. So, take action folks. Work on your voice. Work on your speech. Make it a daily practice, right and don't propose to someone until you're in touch with your gut. Yeah, this is what I recommend to you as your older brother. Remember folks, as a small child you always knew what you liked and you always knew what you wanted and you never overthought and overthinking is always fear. So, benefits of vocal training how about knowing what you're feeling and acting on it. How about knowing what you want? How about you're a good actor now? How about that, right? But I always care about the person first and the actor second. So, it's all about being balanced and having a happy healthy life and you're only going to be there if you're connected to your voice. You want 10 voice and speech coaches and me too come and see us on Saturday you will love our community and I think we might love you too. See you Saturday. Click below.