So, you say you want to know how to start acting with no experience? In this video, you will get the answer to that query. Here we go. Acting is the seemingly invisible, seemingly ordinary, art of relaxation under extraordinary circumstances. So, what does that mean? It looks like behavior, that's why everybody thinks they can do it. They go, "I could do that", well, there's a lot of work to make it look like it's not really anything at all. So, train... what can you control? You might get a job with no experience of a couple lines in something. But a 50 or 60 year career it's born of craft. So, once again, craft plus commitment equal confidence and career. Commit to the craft of it. But you know the great thing about you being here is you now have some insight into what actually is the craft. You really want to double down on the training part of it because that's what makes a career that lasts a lifetime. You know a lot of people admire Meryl Streep. When you think of Meryl Streep, what do you think about? You think about dialects right and her ability to transform vocally but she took the time to learn how to do that. That was not a natural gift. You can learn to do it. First, you study phonetics which are the science of sounds. There's essentially 50-something 54 sounds in spoken English. Next week there won't be 154 isn't that good news, right. So, you learn those sounds and then you learn how to stretch certain vowels and truncate certain vowels and diphthongs and that's how people sound like they're from another region. Well, she took the time to do that really I often think of the male equivalency of that is Daniel Day-Lewis. He's really good at that stuff too. These are the top of transformational actors, right. Sean Penn gets into this world sometimes but it's learned. Guys, they weren't they didn't know how to do this at the very beginning. So, you know like anything you don't see a pilot. You know I really want to just fly a plane. God, you know I wish I had gone to flight school though as they're in the cockpit starting the engines. No...take the time to learn to do this. I'm a big believer in sampling things. I've had students through the years ago you know my parents really want me to be a lawyer, right. I go, "Well, do you want to be alarmed?" "Well, I don't think I do", I go, "Well, great, intern go intern", and many of them after one day interning. So, I don't want to be a lawyer. I'm like aren't you glad you didn't go to law school and then find that out after you failed the bar exam five times? Yeah, so you don't want to do that. Extra work is a good thing to do but never confuse extra work with actually being an actor. Because extra work is thought of as scenery. But a couple of days of that I recommend three days of it and on a sag after a union job so you get three vouchers. So, now you can join the union. All of these things convince yourself of your place. The more you train you join the union. I do not confuse that you know two headshot sessions a year for the next 10 years do not an actor make. I always tell people when they're jumping into these pictures stop and train because by the time you get good at this you're not going to look exactly like this anymore, right. So, thanks for being here. If you're enjoying this, please click below. Okay, so, write down as an actor I'm guilty to proven talented. Everybody says they're an actor. I met a guy the other day he said, "You know, I think I could be an actor. I'm very good at multiple personalities", I said, "I think you want to adjust your language a little bit like multiple personalities", that's considered to be a disorder which maybe fits right in. But you know if we know it's like the dog park it's like we know whether you know what you're doing. So, as an actor, you must know that you know what you know, right. That's the confidence that comes of it. Now, you're in a place to actually make a living at it.

If this is just something you know we have a couple guys in in the studio on zoom that you know are retired and they do the odd extra work day. They just enjoy the community of it all. That's great, just so long as you're not thinking that's the route to being a principal in a film or a television show, right. That's I've never seen it happen. So, yes, you can point to somebody who was on a reality show where they were the meanest person on the show and they got little something but that's like I'm going to base my life strategy on winning lotto. Please write down hope is not a life strategy. Now, write down make excuses or make it happen. So, make it happen. Success leaves clues guys. Success leaves clues. What I love about coaching is I'm a huge football fan. Notice that the Super Bowl trophy is called the Lombardi trophy. It's named after the coach. It's not named after a player, isn't that interesting? Well, the first two Super Bowls Vince Lombardi coached the green bay packers and he won the first two only one guy can say that. Coaching is everything. So, once again, the question how to start acting with no experience? That's how to be a professional athlete with no experience. Get some experience. Get some coaching. The power of zoom not only does it come to your house, the lessons are recorded. So, if you have a Saturday you miss a class you can watch a class. We have 10 voice and speech teachers their classes are recorded. Now you have warm-ups with all of these teachers from all over the world in your library. It's so much more accessible than when I started out. You really had to just pick up your life and go to it. Now, you don't have to do that. So, come get some experience. Click the link below.