I can't say it enough, just because you understand English and you have the ability to learn: never memorize. Text, it doesn't mean you're connected to it emotionally. You have to believe that you are this person, under these circumstances, otherwise it's as though you have the text, but you're holding it out here rather than [gestures] there is no text.These words are MY words, cuz they become yours and that's why guys the myth of: “anybody ever casts you in a part” YOU cast you. Your work casts you. The choices you make are what casts you and that's why you got to let go of some need for approval, like these people have some ability to give you craft. They don't. They're just going to notate what you did and either they're going to be moved by it and shaken by it or they're going to go; “yeah, it was ok. She didn't stink the place up”, but that's not going to buy your health insurance.