Whether you live in a small urban city or a large metropolitan area, as an aspiring actor, you are faced with many important decisions. Some decisions are minor and carry little consequence, but other choices are substantial and will have a dramatic impact on your future career as an actor. One of the major decisions is where to study Acting. The answer: Not where, but WITH WHOM.

You get what you give.

The truth is that name recognition and location of training have a lot less to do with success than the relationships you make along the way. While excellent craft and ongoing training is imperative to a lasting career of the highest caliber, you must find teachers and mentors whom you love, trust, and respect who have a reliable pulse on both the current needs and expectations of the industry as well as up-and-coming trends. How are we adapting to and shaping the future of our industry as a result of a pandemic, for instance? The gift of technology is that you can research schools and teachers and alumni. And, in many cases, you can study with anyone in the world right from your own home. Listen to your gut. There is no one-size fits all path to success. Always follow the love. Never forget that Acting is an Art in SERVICE of others. It is not about building individual egos. Actors make a career of the choice to be extra vulnerable in front of people with no presumption of reciprocation - in order to create catharsis, insight, and conversation. We watch theatre/movies/tv in order to laugh, cry, be scared, be turned on sexually, and/or be enlightened. As an Actor, you get to choose to make the Art you want to make on your own terms. Remember, "I Act to seek my own good opinion."

Increase your odds of success as an actor

Did you know that a casting director might receive hundreds, even thousands of submissions for one role?! Some roles also receive several thousand submissions from hungry and talented actors like you!  

How do you get the job? CREATE the job. Go to auditions. Watch shows/films. Meet and support the key players who are also showing up. Live by the Four Agreements:

  1. Always do your best.
  2. Be impeccable with your word.
  3. Don't assume anything.
  4. Don't take anything personally.

The key is building relationships so that you are actively collaborating, creating and producing your own work while auditioning for other people's work. The more confidence and love you bring into the room, the more a casting director can put your face to your name when your time comes. This is why we emphasize You Get What You Give! Building relationships takes time and effort, so it is essential to #playthelove and surround yourself with people who challenge and inspire you to do your best work.