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Join our International, Intergalactic, Acting Jam!

This online acting class is led by Producer, Director, Acting Coach - Tom Todoroff - and features members of our highly accomplished faculty of professional Broadway, film & television artists from New York, Los Angeles, London and beyond!

Tom is unparalleled in his ability to work with actors of all levels and transform them into powerful, dynamic and moving performers.  Tom's students range from highly accomplished professionals on Broadway, Film and TV to passionate hobbyists who are just beginning to explore the world of acting, public speaking and storytelling. 

Just as important as Tom's extraordinary knowledge and coaching, is the supportive and warmly welcoming space he creates, where actors can learn to integrate the art, the business and the spirituality of acting into their lives.  

Tom has worked with some of the most accomplished artists of our time including Peter O’Toole, Harrison Ford, Samuel L. Jackson, Sasha Alexander, Liam Neeson, Allison Janney, Tony Goldwyn and Claire Danes to name just a few.

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Sign up for either a Single Session (the upcoming Saturday Workshop) or for the Monthly Membership!  



$49. USD per session

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  • 5 hours of LIVE online training with Director, Producer & Acting Coach, Tom Todoroff, and our faculty of top-tier teaching artists on Saturday!
  • Every Saturday Session includes a Technique Review with Studio Director Emily Moulton, a Voice & Speech Lesson with our Guest Artist of the Week, and a Coaching Session for Actors & Directors lead by Tom Todoroff.


$159. USD per month

SAVE $40 & You Get...


  • 20+ hours per month of LIVE online training featuring Director, Producer and Acting Coach, Tom Todoroff, and our faculty of top-tier teaching artists on Saturdays!
  • Exclusive access to our library of invaluable resources for the actor, director and performer - including recommended reading, monologue and scene material.
  • Exclusive access to a growing number of key lessons from Tom's coaching segment of the Saturday Workshop every week, for you to continually reference and learn anytime! New videos uploaded weekly!
  • Exclusive access to the transcript from our chat file for every session.
  • Exclusive access to select recordings of text analysis examples
  • Exclusive access to voice & speech lessons for your continued practice anytime.
  • Exclusive access to our Community platform only for Monthly Members!  Connect with each other, work on scenes and monologues and get support from the TT Team with any questions you may have!

What is the Saturday Workshop via Zoom?

Our International, Intergalactic Acting Jam!  Actors, Directors, Writers, Producers, Drama & Musical Theater Students, Agents, Public Speakers, Business Owners and Impassioned Hobbyists of all ages, from all walks of life and from all across the globe meet on a weekly basis to study with Tom Todoroff via Zoom.  Frequent appearances by highly accomplished guest artists.  Attendees are welcome to observe or request to perform, take notes and participate in Q&A sessions!

Some background:

In case you're new to the TT Studio, we are an international acting studio based in New York City, where our Acting Conservatory is housed.  Have a look at Tom's client roster, testimonials and bio!  Also, check Tom's acting reel and coaching & keynote speaker reel below.  We hope this gives you a better sense of who we are and the work we do with actors worldwide!


Are you...

  • Seeking a comprehensive, fool-proof approach to auditioning and rehearsing - especially with zero prep time?
  • A working actor who keeps getting call backs but can't seem to book the job consistently?
  • An aspiring actor, director, producer, writer or public speaker who wants to learn from an expert in the field (without leaving home)?
  • Feeling low and need to be re-invigorated, re-inspired and re-connected to your love for acting?
  • Seeking online acting class that consistently delivers incredible value for your time and money?
  • Seeking an artistic home and a creative community of fellow artists who will be there to keep you on track towards your personal and professional goals?
  • Seeking full-self expression?

If so - you're in the right place!

WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND READING THIS ENTIRE PAGE IN ORDER TO BE FULLY PREPARED FOR AN INCREDIBLE WORKSHOP EXPERIENCE!  Have any questions?  Drop us a note in the chat box at the bottom right corner of this page.


"This workshop isn't just about acting - it's about life and how our responsibility to ourselves and to our craft are eternally intertwined. "To Thine Own Self Be True". If we can face our life with truth, humor and passion, our acting will follow."

Blanca B.
Miami, FL

"Once again, Tom has filled my soul with light and inspiration - I feel like flying!"

Trevor C.
Toronto, Canada

"Anyone interested in fast-forwarding their career must attend this online acting class. It will guide them to understanding themselves and the business."

Jagruti P.
Montreal, Canada

"I was shy at first - English is not my first language. But Tom is such an amazing teacher - so clear and direct! I learned so much and I'll be back next week!"

Mariana L.
Rio, Brazil

"I can say unequivocally the Saturday Workshop has been a lifesaver during this pandemic shut down. My whole week focuses on this class. I feel I have learned more about acting in these last five months than in my entire lifetime before and I am anxious to put the Guideposts and everything else in the Todoroff Technique into practice on stage, in film, and auditions for both."

Daniel Greer
Orchard Park, NY

Saturday Workshop Schedule: 

Class meets once a week from 11:00am - 4:00pm Eastern Standard Time.  

Make sure to check your time zone!

  • We highly recommend signing on anytime between 10:00am and 10:45am EST to give yourself plenty of time to get connected and get settled before we dive into the work at 11:00am.  (This is also the best time for the TT admin team to assist with any technical issues you may encounter)
  • We will keep the online sign up link live up until 9:00am EST every Saturday morning.  After that, the sign up window will end and the link will be taken down -- so make sure you sign up anytime before 9:00am the morning of the Saturday Workshop you plan to attend!

Join us for all or part of this session, as your time allows.  

  • We completely understand if you need to leave early or sign in and out throughout the day.  
  • Whenever possible though - stay for the entire workshop, because the learning is cumulative.  
  • Your personal and artistic growth correlates directly to the time and effort you devote to regular training (no surprise here)!

Class structure:

11:00 am - 11:30 am - Technique Review! 

  • TT Studio Director, Emily Moulton, will lead a weekly review of the Todoroff Acting Technique (highly recommended for newcomers and for returning students who need a refresher!)  
  • Students are welcome to log on at 11:30am if they're already familiar with the technique and therefore don't require this review session.

11:30 am - 12:30 pm - Guest Artist Voice & Speech Class or Q&A

  • A Guest Artist from our faculty of accomplished actors, directors and voice & speech experts will lead the group in a Voice & Speech Class - or participate in a Q&A session with Tom on all aspects of the art and the business of acting.

12:30 pm - 4:00 pm - Coaching Time! 

  • Tom Todoroff will coach performers on material they've prepared and signed up to work on in class!  All performers are expected to have completed these basic performer requirements completed before signing up to work in class so that they can benefit fully from the coaching session!  
  • If you prefer to observe, that's fine! Some say they learn just as much, if not more, from observing than from performing.  In fact, we prefer you observe a few classes when you're new, before jumping in the performer pool.  This allows you time to integrate our very specific technique at your own pace!
  • We also frequently invite extraordinary Guest Artists to visit and teach a bit in the Saturday Workshop!  Some of these artists are on faculty at our Conservatory in NYC - others are simply longtime friends and colleagues who've worked with Tom in theater or on film and TV productions in the past!

Sign up by or before 9:00 am EST the date of the class you wish to attend 

Questions?  Email the TT Team at

Sign Up! 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Instruction in the workshop is done by way of demonstration.

Newcomers are expected to learn the technique, by observing at least two Saturday Workshop sessions, completing the reading books and studying the elements of the Todoroff Technique closely, prior signing up to perform in class. 

By first learning the technique, and incorporating it into your rehearsal, you will reap the greatest benefits from your one-on-one coaching session with Tom!  You will also develop a greater understanding of the technique and how to apply it to your auditions, rehearsals and performances in the future!

  • Tom will coach several performers during each workshop - showing them (and all students in attendance) how to use this technique to make the most dynamic performance choices - every time.  
  • Tom will call on several performers in no particular order every Saturday - selecting from the list of people who've submitted a Performer Request Form.   
  • If you submitted a request to perform and you weren't called on the very next Saturday, your name will stay on the list until you are called on!  
  • Due to a high demand of Performers submitting a Request Form to work with Tom during the workshop - it's unlikely you will be called on the Saturday immediately after you submit the request.  (FYI - to receive direct, one-on-one coaching from Tom on a weekly basis, please consider auditioning for the Conservatory program)
  • Please know that whether or not you perform in any given Workshop - you will walk away with MANY notes and actionable advice for auditioning, rehearsing and performing that you can begin to apply NOW!

How to Perform in the Saturday Workshop:

  1. Sign up for the Saturday Workshop (either a specific date or the whole month) 
  2. Complete the basic performer requirements
  3. Submit a Performer Request form (the link to this form will be in the Thank You message you receive upon signing up!)

Craft + Commitment = Confidence & Career:

While we love meeting new people who want to join us on a drop in basis, the real progress occurs through consistent, consecutive, cumulative sessions As anyone with a background in dance, athletics, or music will tell you - practice, practice, practice in order to see progress.  Training to be a confident, highly-skilled performer is no different.  We all need a mentor and an artistic community of supportive collaborators to keep us on track - now more than ever!  For this reason, we recommend enrolling in Saturday workshop on an ongoing basis.  

Sign Up! 

Myths Busted:

I don't have 5 hours every Saturday to devote to this workshop:

That's fine! That's why participation is flexible. Even if you watch the class for an hour or two (with your camera on or off) it will still be a steal (and these rates won't be around forever) - plus, it's vital that you 'touch your work' at least once a week if you expect to see and feel real change.

It's not possible to study acting online - I need to be in person:

We appreciate this sentiment, and cannot WAIT to blow your mind with how deeply effective this training actually IS online! It's just as effective, if not more - particularly if you ever want to work in TV and Film! We are seeing massive improvements in all the students who consistently show up and put in the work!

I need a small group or private class in order to learn:

News flash - acting is a public art form! The sooner you learn to be comfortable auditioning, rehearsing and performing in front of a group - the sooner you'll find fearlessness and freedom! Plus, the group of artistic souls who join us every Saturday are an incredible community of individuals you really want to know! Learn how to transform your home into your creative workspace - this is an essential component to your growth and success.

What if I only want to watch? I don't want to perform:

That's fine! The only people who perform in class are those who submitted a request to do so! In fact, we strongly recommend observing and taking notes for awhile in order to deeply integrate the technique before performing. This preparation will set you up to reap the greatest benefits from your coaching session with Tom! Prefer to always observe and not perform at all? That's fine too! You get to progress at your own pace and participate as much or as little as you choose -- just show up and you'll learn a TON. Without exception.

What are you waiting for?

Take this month to commit (or re-commit) to your craft.
Connect with an amazing international community.
Save money doing it.

See you there!


For more detailed information about classes, tuition or other concerns, we invite you to contact the Tom Todoroff Studio today by calling 212-362-8141, or by writing to us through our secure contact page.