We frequently study cold read audition technique in The Workshop with an exercise we call the "Cold Read Audition Exercise"!   

Most weeks, we'll reach out to 2-4 Workshop members to invite them to do the Cold Read Audition Exercise.  We send out sides the afternoon before class and the actors who have been 'cast' will also have 15 minutes to rehearse the sides with their partner in a breakout room just before our acting class with Tom begins!

We cycle through all students in the membership to make sure we are casting different people on a regular basis, but if you'd like to let us know you're ready to be cast, please feel free to email workshop@tomtodoroff.com!  

FYI we prioritize the work that actors took time to rehearse and signed up to perform (monologues, scenes, auditions) so cold read audition scenes will be assigned as time allows after that!


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