​​​Read the play or screenplay.

Trust the text!  Do not make internal edits to the script to piece together a monologue unless you're crossing out another character's dialogue that's truly inconsequential and doesn't alter the story in any way.  As a rule though, it's best to avoid internal edits - just choose the line where you'll begin and where you'll end.

Do your best to wear clothing appropriate to the era (or clothing suggestive of the era)

When working with a scene partner, please just make sure your partner is aware of these basic requirements and has completed them along with you before you sign up to perform your scene.

When working with a scene partner, schedule rehearsals via Zoom, Skype or Facetime etc. HONOR the schedule.

Have a PRINTED or HANDWRITTEN copy of your text available during the workshop.  Do NOT read off your phone or computer.


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