Covid19 Protocol:  We are closely monitoring the safety protocols surrounding group gatherings indoors in NYC. Our studios and theaters are asking that all students training in-person in NYC must be fully vaccinated according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.  We recognize that the choice to receive a vaccine is up to each individual and some do not choose it.  Still others may not be able to receive the vaccine for various reasons.  This is why we are offering both an online and in-person option to accommodate as many different scenarios as possible!

Emergency contact:‚Äč


You will be emailed with 48 hours regarding your acceptance. If accepted you will be provided with a link for your payment.

Questions?  Please reach us at!




You can choose to pay in full and save $50 USD or you can pay in 2-3 installments.


You can choose to pay in full and save $50 USD or you can pay in 2-3 installments.

Must be paid in full one week before the first day of Summer Week 2023



Many of our students are working actors who are auditioning and booking jobs on a regular basis.

We completely understand the desire to wait until you know if you're on hold for a job before committing to this training.

So - the tuition payments are non-refundable, but if you do end up getting booked on a paid, professional acting job** then we will gladly credit your tuition to future training in any TT training program within one year.

** Proof of this job may be required.  A paid professional acting conflict does not include 'background' or 'extra' work.


For more detailed information about classes, tuition or other concerns, we invite you to contact the Tom Todoroff Studio today by calling 212-362-8141, or by writing to us through our secure contact page.