Ryan Singh

“The workshop was phenomenal. Really phenomenal! I am still processing and being affected by it! I’m unwinding and moving forward in a better head and heart space. It was a truly profound experience for which I am very thankful.”
“I already have been and will keep spreading the word. Great things are meant to be shared! Much love,”

Lindy Zucker

“I had so much fun and learned so much from everyone involved. If I could, EVERY MONTH I would travel with all of you, wherever you go!!!!!!
Please, once again, thank Tom for me. He is so refreshing, generous and inspiring. What a treasure!”

Lina Felice

“This last weekend doing the Intensive with Tom was stupendous, re-affirming, invigorating, and just the right fresh input to further my art, career and life. Thanks for so fully endorsing and sharing your enthusiasm.”

Shel Goldstein

“Thank you for putting together such an amazing event here in Toronto! I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from Mr. Todoroff and it’s great to hear that he will be back to teach other talent up here.  As a writer, I discovered so much about what an actor looks for in a script. I expect my work will improve greatly now that I have such insight. I would most definitely like to receive further bulletins about your activities and I will be sure to forward them to all of my industry friends.
Best wishes,”

Vanessa Petronelli

“When I first arrived, I was very nervous. Everyone was older than me, and I felt like an inexperienced 15-year-old. But after being there for a while, I realized that everyone was there for the same reason as me… to learn and grow. The environment was very supportive, and every person there was unbelievably enthusiastic about acting. Watching everyone perform on stage really taught me a lot.  Tom has this ability to zone in and provide help right where it’s needed. I feel very fortunate to have attended this workshop. I would love to work with Tom as often as I can. Thanks so much for this wonderful experience. This workshop was the best thing I could’ve possibly done at this point in my career. Please tell Tom that I said thank you! I look forward to seeing him again.”

Ashley Townsend

“I have to say that this workshop with Tom was completely uplifting and refreshing for me. I had an incredible time! I have been feeling a bit negative lately towards acting, and working with Tom really reminded me WHY I am in this industry and WHY I have been doing this for so long: because I LOVE acting!  I have a new positive outlook on things and I really thank you all for helping me to find that within myself again.”

Becky Sinclair

“I just wanted to say that I thought last weekend was an amazing experience. Having been through some very mediocre acting classes, where the instructor mentioned some long ago credits and promised the moon, I was extremely impressed. I thought Tom did an excellent job, and proved himself to be a warm, receptive and knowledgeable instructor.  Particularly impressive was the way he consistently took actors and helped them to fine tune (and in some cases overhaul) their performances to create dramatic (no pun intended) improvements quickly. Overall, it was everything I could have hoped for out of a workshop.”

Lance Zurek

“Last weekend’s workshop was a life changing experience and definitely woke me up! I loved everything I learned from Tom and it’s already changing my life. I am more of an “action! action! action!” person now, instead of over-thinking everything. I learned a lot about auditions, technique. and life!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Suzie Vera

“Tom definitely struck a chord with me. He has an amazing grasp on life, one that reflects in his teachings. To grow as an actor you have to grow as a person, and Tom helps you do just that.  I made some definite decisions after the workshop and have been exuding more positive vibes since then. Tom was the guiding light. As for my career, things have been looking up here in terms of work, and have gotten a good recurring role now with a new CBC primetime drama. I’m coming to LA at the end of the year and am much more focused now.”

Natasha Chandel

“Tom has a way of teaching people both on and off stage. And he does it in the best way – by example. We see how a scene is performed and then he directs it and makes an example of a guidepost. We can instantly see a change in the performance and see the effects of the theories that he teaches. It’s much better than just reading it in a book!  But the best part of it was his positive and kind energy. Tom truly wants to impart what he knows and wants to inspire us to work hard and strive for what we want. It was truly motivational and inspiring. I have to say that I learned more about directing in those two days than I did in four years of film school!”

Tricia Lee

“WOW.WOW.WOW. Tom is the best thing that has ever happened to this world!!!! He’s full of life!!! He’s positive, EXTREMELY INTELLIGENT, and he truly cares about each and every one of us. He stayed later to get everyone’s scenes in and to talk to anyone who had questions.  This man is brilliant!!! I’m so happy that I chose to take this workshop. I want to be at every single one in the future.”

Jana Angus

“I had an incredible experience this weekend. I cannot describe the difference in my approach to my work, as well as who I am as a person. It helped me regain that edge, that attitude I’d lost while at school. I have also found my voice again!  Overall, I had so much fun! I believe that this work is about discipline, action, and having fun, and the workshop was just that! From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much!”

Lauren Wightman

“This weekend was a spark of energy. I feel as though my engine is firing at ten times the rate it was before!  Tom, you have an incredible ability to approach a large group of people, whom you’ve never met, and motivate them individually. I know Jaclyn and I were touched and inspired by this experience. Thanks again!”

Daniel Chapman-Smith

“Tom is certainly an inspiring artist and a very astute coach in his observations. The main lesson I took away was to have faith in one’s work, and providing you have done “the work”, to share it openly without worrying about the end result.  I look forward to having the opportunity to study with him further.”

Jennifer Rayner

“I just wanted to thank you so much for bringing us such an amazing workshop! It was so inspiring and real, and it truly was a life-changing experience. What I loved most about the workshop was Tom’s ability to make my work more compelling and engaging, and still be warm about it. He used what I gave him as a base, and he really acknowledged my work and worked from there.  Tom provided a very safe environment in which I didn’t have to worry about taking risks. I appreciate that more than anyone will ever know. Not only am I a better actor because of this weekend workshop, but I am also a better human being.Thank you Tom!”

Commitment +
Craft = Career

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