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My scene partner is in a different city / state / country than me!  How do we rehearse?
Most Summer Intensive attendees will have a scene partner who doesn’t live nearby.  We love that actors come from all across the globe to attend this course and see it as an opportunity for you all to connect with artists you might not otherwise meet!  When it comes to rehearsal, were commend connecting via phone / whatsapp / skype to run the scene, in addition to the time you spend learning the piece on your own.  Once we’re all in NYC, you may want to take some time at the end of the first couple days to meet with your scene partner in person and decide on
any entrances / exists / physical blocking for your scene.

Do we need to bring costumes? Props?
Please bring clothing for your scene / monologue that’s different from your own and is informed by the character, the story, the time period, the setting.  Even if it’s similar to your own, you always want to act in different clothes and especially different shoes than the ones you walked in wearing!  There will be chairs and tables available on site for your scene and monologue work.  If there are any essential props you require for your piece, then please bring them.  

Which day will we perform?
Tom will be leading scene-study class on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday of the intensive.  Actors will perform their scenes on one of these three days.  The order is announced on our first day of the intensive.  Please be prepared to go on any of the days! 

What’s a ‘backup’ monologue?
We are all actors and occasionally a scene partner may get booked on a professional acting job that conflicts with the intensive.  If this happens, we want to ensure you all have “backup” material you can work on!  Please select two monologues from from the Recommended Monologues Lists or if you have another piece that’s by an author on the syllabus - that’s fine too!  Each monologue should be 1-2 minutes and - again - Please email us at for approval before you begin rehearsing.   Ideally, you have at least one of these monologues off-book and performance ready - but that’s not required.  As long as you have the script with you, that’s all we ask.  

Bring your script!
Please - for this intensive and for every acting audition, rehearsal and job you ever have - bring your script!  You never know when it may be useful to pull out the text and look at it.  This means you will have your scene script on hand (the entire play - not just the scene) as well as the two back up monologue texts.  For those, it’s fine to just have the monologue itself and not the whole play.  If you bring the script for the whole play, however - bonus points to you!

What’s the dress code for class each day?
Please wear neutral clothing that allows you to move around easily. By neutral, we mean black, grey, tan.  Solid colors - no bright logos.  No constricting clothing, no skirts, no jeans.  Layers are a good idea.

What do I need to bring for class each day?

  • Materials for note-taking
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks (there are also vending machines on site)

What do I need to prepare BEFORE the intensive begins?

  • Read: AUDITION by Michael Shurtleff, THE FOUR AGREEMENTS and THE MASTERY OF LOVE by Don Miguel Ruiz
  • Prepare (Performance Ready): 3-4 minute scene with your partner and have 2 printed backup monologues from the recommended monologues list
  • Read: The entire play / film that your scene is from.
  • *There may be an additional very simple / brief assignment coming your way in the next 2-3 weeks.  Please keep an eye on your email for this.

Where do I find my play / film script for my scene?
Many of the scenes we recommend will be accessible at your local library or booksellers (call ahead before you make the trip). You may also find scripts online at, or Scribd. 

I need help finding a place to stay - can you help?
Most students book a place to stay through  Make sure you are near a subway stop that will take you to "Midtown" or "Times Square" within a reasonable amount of time each morning (no more than 25 minutes).  We also recommend the Pod Hotel as well as the HI Hostel, an international youth hostel. 

We are happy to offer you further guidance and recommendations! Email us at

What’s the address where classes will meet?
M, Tu, Th, F, we will be at Pearl Studios 500 8th Avenue, NYC, NY 10012 - Penthouse 2 (Floor 12, then walk up one flight)
W, Sa, Su, we will be at Shetler Studios 244 West 54th Street, Floor 12 - Bridge Theater

Which Broadway show will we be seeing?  When?
TBD.  We will see the show together on the Thursday evening of that week!  If you are purchasing tickets to see another show while you're in town, we strongly recommend emailing us ahead of time to make sure it's not the same show we're thinking of taking you all to go see!

What’s the “optional” class on Wednesday night June 24th?
Every Wednesday evening, Tom leads an acting class from 6:30pm-10pm in an Off-Broadway Theater in the West Village: The Players Theater 115 Macdougal Street, NYC, NY 10012.
You are all welcome to join us for this class as observers!  Attendance is optional. Please note, if you do plan to attend the class, we ask that you arrive by 6:30pm and stay until 10pm.

What happens on Sunday when classes end?
We have a farewell party at a nearby restaurant!  We hope you all can hang out until around 8pm on Sunday to partake in the festivities!

What time do classes start each day?  What time do they end?
Classes begin at 9am or 10am and end at 5pm or 6pm daily.  A schedule of the full week of classes will be sent out closer to the start of the program.

Who else will be teaching us besides Tom?
Select members of the Conservatory faculty - view here.

I might have more questions!  How can I reach out?
You may contact us at anytime!


For more detailed information about classes, tuition or other concerns, we invite you to contact the Tom Todoroff Studio today by calling 212-362-8141, or by writing to us through our secure contact page.