What is the schedule for Saturday's class?

     10:30am - 11:00am EST - Sign in and get ready!

     11:00am EST - Technique Review with Executive Director, Emily Moulton

     11:30am EST- Guest Artist Lesson (Voice & Speech or Movement-based)

     12:30pm EST - Coaching begins with Tom Todoroff!  

     4:00pm EST - We wrap up!

Who else will be teaching us besides Tom?
Select members of the Tom Todoroff Studio faculty - view here.

This will be my first class.  Is there anything I need to do before attending?
Sure!  You can read "Audition" and "The Four Agreements".  So many questions will be answered there! 

This will be my first class.  Will I be able to ask questions during this class?

Absolutely!  Write your question in the chat section before 3:30pm and he will answer questions at the end of the day.

This will be my first class.  Can I get a recording?
Monthly members have access to recorded selections from current class and past classes which they can watch anytime!  There's 30+ hours of recorded lessons and coaching sessions available on your membership dashboard when you join and new videos are uploaded weekly!  

How do I choose material?
Our Syllabus contains over 250 authors for you to choose from.  We also have Recommended Scenes and Monologue LIsts for you to choose from as well. Email us at if you need further help!

How do I sign up to work in class?
The Performer Sign up form is on your Member Dashboard!  Log in and you'll see it on the right side of the screen.  Says "Performer Request Form".  Email us at if you need further help!

What's a work read?
A 'work read' is for when you would like feedback as to which MONOLOGUE is best for you.  You're holding the script, AND you have worked on on the text - i.e. made choices and personalized it (you're not just reading it) !

I submitted my Performer Request Form.  How will I know if/when I will be coached by Tom?

  • When you request to work in class on a given Saturday - plan to be signed onto the meeting no later than noon EST and remain the entire time.  We call on performers through out the day, but, as this is an organic process and the length of time we spend on each piece will vary, it's important you'e ready to go when called upon.  
  • To be considered for the current upcoming Saturday we ask that you submit your form no later than Thursday.
  • You will be emailed a confirmation that you will be getting coached by Tom
  • If for some reason we are not able to get to you, you will go up the following Saturday.

Do I need to dress for the part? What about Zoom backgrounds?
Please wear clothing that’s appropriate for the character, the story, the time period, the setting.  Look for a background that will enhance your work.

How does the 'note taker' get notes to the performer they took notes for?
We will take care of putting you in contact with your notetaker via email.

Why do we work on theatre texts?
Great writing makes strong actor.  Our Syllabus contains over 250 authors for you to choose from.  We also have Recommended Scenes and Monologue Lists for you to choose from as well!  Working on well known film text will have you being compared to the actor who made the piece famous.

Is this a theatre class?  Do you  work on TV/Film audition
Your perfect wording goes here

Why does it say 'surfer' on Tom's chair?
Answer goes here

What do I need to do before joining  the membership?
We ask that you join us as our guest before joining the membership. We want to make sure this training is a good fit for you!

CLICK HERE to book your First Class Visit.  You'll be asked to schedule a 10-15 orientation call to address your personal goals.  

English is not my first language.  Is this an issue?
Not at all!  If you can read and understand English you'll be fine.  We'll even recommend pieces for you to work on!

What if I miss a Saturday - Can I make it up?
As you can imagine, the actors in our class are frequently getting called to set or rehearsal or to do a last minute audition onSaturdays, which is why we offer recordings of every acting class for you to view later!

Is this a progressive course?  Am I starting in the middle of something?
It's progressive in the sense that you will grow progressively depending on your efforts.  Otherwise no.  This is personalized training according to where you are currently with your craft.

Do I need to wait to join at the beginning of the month?
Not at all!  You can join anytime.  This is a monthly membership which renews monthly from the day you choose you choose to start.

How can I stay in touch with this community?  
Answer goes here

I'm a director, writer, singer and or public speaker - is this class right for me?  
Absolutely.  This class is for 'storytellers' from all walks of life!

Can I pause my membership?  
This is a good option if you need a brief break, and you plan to return again soon!

Please email us at two (2) weeks prior the date you would like to pause.

If we pause your account, this means you will keep your current rate.  Our monthly rate will occasionally increase, so, by pausing rather than cancelling, you will not lose your current monthly rate.  If you choose this option please let us know if you want to pause for one or two months.

How do I cancel my membership?  
We would be bummed to see you go!  We understand though and will certainly take care of this for you! 

Please email us at two (2) weeks prior the date you would like to cancel. 

Please know that if you decide you would like to return, you'll be signing up at that new rate. To do this, just go to the "Saturday Workshop" page on our website (here) and scroll down to "Join the Membership" to sign up again.

I might have more questions!  How can I reach out?
Feel free contact us anytime at!


For more detailed information about classes, tuition or other concerns, we invite you to contact the Tom Todoroff Studio today by calling 212-362-8141, or by writing to us through our secure contact page.